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Hi friends!

You are about to meet two of the coolest people ever. I absolutely loved spending an afternoon with them, and I can honestly say that i have never had a session where because the couple was so funny i literally laughed the entire time. Besides being hilarious, they are so fun, big dreamers, they love dogs including every pup we meet during the session, believe in living life to the fullest, kind to everyone, even strangers wearing yellow hats, warm and welcoming, adventurers, so in love with each other, and full of joy! I can only hope my photos touched on how awesome these two are! 🙂 The fact that they were willing to run out in the middle of peachtree street, with oncoming traffic, and smooch each other with all their might, has to say something right! 

I am so lucky to be your wedding photographers Ali + Peri!! Can’t wait!!

  1. Ali says:

    Thank you so much for these Alea!!!! I love how you were able to capture how much fun Peri and I have together. Can not wait for the wedding!! Xox

  2. Leisa Bailey says:

    These are just fabulous. You really captured Ali and Peri. I’m Ali’s Mom and couldn’t be more pleased!

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