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Hi Friends!

Alright you guys. I’ve hit it. The time of year when Christmas parties are fast approaching, so I have projects due for each kid’s class, gifts to get for everyone, my own home decorating, and the fact that I actually want to enjoy this holiday season in the midst of all of it. Also, I’m starting to think about the fact that we have 20+ people over for dinner on Sunday, and I have all of the 50 plus sessions due in the next week not to mention all the ones I’ve had whose galleries, sneak peeks and other work flow items are coming due! WOW my calendar is scary right now! Great to be busy… just don’t judge the circles under my eyes right now! 🙂

I was so excited when the oh so sweet DeFeo family contacted me for their family photos! Courtney is a friend of a friend, and I read her amazing blog lil light O’mine daily. If you havent checked out her blog yet, you should especially if you are a mom, but not to dis-clude non moms or dads of course. It is a great place to feel encouraged and supported by all of the other moms doing their best out there running around doing errands, hitting the carpool line, laundry, oh the laundry, cooking, cleaning, getting their kids to eat their vegetables, keeping the romance alive in their marriages, growing their faith, being the encouragers and cheerleaders for their friends and family and pushing their hearts open to even bigger events of life like adoption, and 

serving their communities to 

visiting far off countries to serve those who desperately need serving, and doing all this while trying to make sure they are showered every day. its incredible really. Her blog reminds me of how so much of our lives are intertwined, how it is busy and messy and complicated, but really, at the end of the day, its just good. and how blessed we are to know we are not alone in the amazing messy journey. seriously, you should check out her blog. 🙂 and how privileged I feel to be a part of the inside scoop, as Courtney is writing a book called “in this house, we will giggle”, so her shoot was inspired by this idea! its pretty fun! 🙂

DeFeo family, i feel so honored to have met your family. Your girls are beautiful, and loving, and joyful. It comes to no surprise from two amazing parents. Thank you for what you do, and for letting me dream in that big scheme with you for even a minute. thanks for braving the cold wintery day with me, and I hope you enjoy these sweet fam moments. 

Much joy,


  1. ALEA! you are crazy talented. i am the mother of these wild animals and they were bonkers. i have no idea how you got three good ones. i am so thrilled and SO THANKFUL. you went way above and beyond with the props and sign and BED to make the book shoot so memorable.
    and, did you photoshop my stomach in the closeup where they are hugging me? bc it’s definitely not flat right now. if you did, i love you more.

  2. Incredible! I LOVE how all the colors turned out, even if it was a gray – sometimes the best!!! You really are so talented Miss Alea Moore!!!

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