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Happy 2014!! I know most, if not all of you are feeling fresh and motivated to have a great year and I just want to say I support you in everything you’re striving for and dreaming of!! Whatever it is, you can do it! I’m here as your stranger of encouragement because I know I need it so I’m here to remind you that it’s going to be an amazing year! Dream BIG!!! It’s all possible! 

Soooooo, for our first post of this so far freezing 2014 (16 degrees outside), I’m so happy to share this amazing family! I don’t ever play favorites, but it’s truly my favorite post so far this year 🙂 🙂 A new baby girl, a little man that loves his super heroes (my fav too) and mom and dad that are over the moon happy with their family. Oh, and I’m positive my favorite parent judgment call came from the Denney’s. Big brother’s first choice for his baby sister’s name was Hawk Eye, but luckily they went with something a little more traditional. lol!! I still can’t stop laughing!!

Denney family, Your family is beautiful and Alea and I are so thankful you thought of us to share this amazing time!! Thank you and hug those sweeties for us!!


Kim and Alea


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