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Hi Friends!

While the rest of atlanta was getting covered by snow and experiencing the downside of 5 million people trying to flee to their homes, I was incredibly thankful to have been home with my little family. We were glued to the windows watching the magic of snow falling that we rarely get to experience. In the south, the question is if it is going to stick to the grounds and make the white blanket, and when it did start sticking, I jumped up, grabbed my camera, a few flowers we had around the house, a quilt and my girls to take a few photos while the snow was falling.

As a photographer, I get asked all the time, “I bet you have SO many photos of your kids”, and the truth is, I do. I can admit it.  I have tons and tons! But it isn’t often I get to make an entirely special “photo session” just for them. So, this was such a treat. We were all home, it was snowing, and I got to enjoy being a mom who loves using her camera, and taking the time to enjoy their individual personalities… time to compliment each one of them.. reminding them they are so beautiful, inside and out. and then have a keepsake, to share with them now and once they are older. this fun memory. Once we were done, we ran inside, took hot bubble baths, made hot cocoa, and roasted marshmallows in the fireplace.  Geeting to be completely present in this very unique very special moment in time. such a gift to my soul.

Loa Faith, I love how you soak up every moment. How I can tell God has designed you as a dreamer. The blessing of using your imagination and creating something out of nothing. You amaze me.  

Adellie Laine, you are my heart. How you remind me of me when I was young. So carefree, joyful, silly, and just so warm and loving. How you are always on the hunt for an adventure. 

Elin Mims, your smile and heart are just so captivating. You have such a nurturing and loving soul. I can stare in those big blue eyeballs and get swept away. 

Finley Lavie, how the world is still such a new place to you. I am enamored by how you are exploring and learning your surroundings. I can see how you are taking it all in. fearlessly. 

Love each one of you so…

your mama

  1. AP Moore says:

    You are so amazing, and I praise God every day to be married to such a beautiful and talented woman. Thanks for capturing the moments in the life of our family, it is truly priceless! I love you!
    – AP 😉

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