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I know when it comes to a wedding day, most couples are hoping for that cloudless sunfilled sky. And as a photographer who loves chasing light, we are typically hoping for the same thing. However, there is some incredibly romantic about a rainy wedding day. I don’t know if it is because everyone is forced to be close. My husband and I have this discussion often because he loves a good rainy day. “When it is cold and rainy, i just want to snuggle up close to you and enjoy a day of the falling rain.” is what he would tell me. So for the hustle of a wedding day, there are those challenges like getting your guests from point a to point b without getting soaked, keeping the vision of your wedding day, finding those light filled spots for portraits, and making sure all your guests are comfortable. I get all of that. 

Tommy and Meghan were wonderful hosts and embraced their rainy day with grace and a smile. Looking forward to seeing each other down the aisle, laughing with all their guests, and partying until the wee hours of the night. It was an awesome day, and some of my most favorite photographs from the day have the soft drizzle of the rain in them. romantic. So, at the beautiful waterside edge of Cuscowilla, these two tied the knot and celebrated with all that had. 

Meghan and Tommy, we are so thankful to have met you both. Tommy, any person meeting you for the first time is instantly comfortable with your welcoming and joyful spirit, and Meghan, you are so lovely inside and out. it was such a treat to spend the day with you both, your awesome friends and family, and we wish you both many more rainy days to bring you closer to each other. 🙂

Much joy!


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