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I know when you are looking at all the wedding blogs, the wedding how to’s, the wedding magazine chalk full of perfect wedding day photographs, you are envisioning your own wedding day coming together as perfect as it possibly can be. My hope, the reminder I would love to share is that a wedding day is still a component of a million different moving parts that have to blend together to make that “perfect” day. That no matter how much planning, there will be plenty that you can’t predict. Hair appointments can go long, people, or a dress, can go missing. Flowers show up at the venue just in time. Cakes melt and start to lean. Bridesmaids dresses fit yesterday but not today. Shoes hurt. The getaway car battery died. The band played the wrong first dance song, or forgot the words. Weather, oh the weather. It could rain for a minute or it could rain all day long. your outdoor ceremony on the hottest day of the year. All just things you can’t predict. But! and my hope is that you hear this and believe this… 

Its still the most epic day of your life. Its still the day you get to say “i love you, Im yours forever!” In the end it was a celebration of the two of you. SO, if the centerpieces aren’t exactly right. its. ok.  you are still going home with the love of your life. if you had to move your outdoor ceremony inside because of the weather. not a worry. you are still getting to look each other in the eyes and say “i do!” 

Jessica and Chase had one of the most fabulous weddings days where there were a million reasons to be upset that your day wasn’t as planned. But, I was so impressed by the grace these two gave their day. With each turn that probably was very different than they had probably envisioned, they smiled and turned to each other, turned to their families, turned to all their friends who came that day to celebrate them. It was a pretty epic day. 

Jessica and Chase, there is so much amazing life ahead, and I am so excited for you both because I know you are going to be able to dive in both feet first holding hands together. What a blessing to not only watch, but also document two awesome people in it with all they got. 

Much joy!



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