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Hi Friends!

Photography is such a funny thing. To be in full wedding season, I went from being all caught up on edits, blogging, and social media in April to now having nine weddings,  five engagements and well lifestyle sessions out the waazoo while adding to it every weekend from now until November. and with coming back from an out of town trip and headed to another one with a holiday and a couple birthdays stuck in between, Im feeling a little cross eyed. in the best of ways of course, such fun! 

So heres what i am working on at the moment- Lynlee and Austin’s engagement session. I had such a fun morning with these two. The two of them are incredibly positive and beautiful people. And from my first meeting with Lynlee, her incredible first greeting of “Hello, amazing photographer!” I easily felt a familiarity of old friendships. So during this session, how I loved getting to walk along the river with them. Including picnic baskets, sparkling lemonade, croissants and hydrangeas and then back to Lynlee’s family home where the two of them baked a cake together, did I mention Lynlee makes wedding cakes!? I just loved this sweet pink kitchen, with all the pink appliances, and with the accompaniment of tunes from Billie, Glenn, Ella, and Louis… and a delicious blueberry and lemon icing… my camera, heart, and stomach were certainly happy. 

Lynlee and Austin, you guys are awesome. I hope you had as much fun as I did, and enjoy these sweet photos. Can’t wait until the wedding next June!

Much joy!


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