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Hi Friends!

My sweet hubby is manning bath time right this second, so I can squeeze in a late night blog. Seems these days we are slapping five, tagging in and out. Though, still doing our best to come together at bedtime to tuck our little ladies in. I recently attended a parenting class,yes there is such a thing, and learned, well was reminded, of how important bedtime and spending time with your babies during that time, as it is when their hearts are most open. Which in my house, and my little girls, I have always seen that. Their sweet day stories, reading time, snuggles, and their soft prayers have always been my favorite time of day. Though sometimes i feel so tired that I just want to tuck them in, and go sit on the couch. I have to remind myself how precious of a time it is. 

This sweet family that I am about to share with you probably knows exactly what I am saying, especially as they grew by one, I am sure they are seeing how tag teaming is such a gift as well as how precious every second you have with your babies is.

So, I know this is a little different, but the coolest part of this session besides the adorable new baby boy and cutie family was grandma and grandpa joined us during the shoot as well. And they didn’t just join us themselves, but brought along grandpas old car. And if I could remember the type, the name, I promise I would share it, and I know my hubby will be disappointed that i couldnt remember. 😉 It was so much fun, and such a neat addition to the shoot. I loved seeing how excited older brother was getting to hock the horn, and sit in grandpas lap play driving. I am sure something these brothers will grow up knowing and will remind them of grandpa. 

Dixon fam. You guys are awesome. I am so tickled to have be a part of such a life change for you all, again, and hope you treasure these!!

Much joy!


  1. Elizabeth Dixon says:

    Treasures! Thank you!

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