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Hi Friends!

You know, I don”t typically hate mondays, which I know is more the social norm. Mondays are always a little exciting because I did have a good day of rest, and that has allowed me to get pumped for another week full of getting to do my dream job. I have been reading a book called “Let’s all be Brave” by Annie Downs and though I am just in the beginning pages, it alone has helped me embrace mondays, as it is about living life with all you have. The author talks about having courage and how by definition it is just simple act of doing something. Something, huh. Well that sounds easy enough. Especially since Mondays are always full of something.  Im excited to have had a weekend where I was able to read a few pages, and looking forward to diving in more. 

I also, always love sharing newborn sessions on Monday. There is something incredibly sweet and heart filling about a sweet family becoming a family. I loved getting to meet the Tubandt family. Sometimes when I knock on a person’s door,  who I have never met before if I may add,  and say “hi , Im alea! Im here to photograph your family, in your home, with my camera, which I am sure will make you feel not so comfortable, because I mean who is really all that comfortable in from of a camera. Oh yea, and you just had a baby five days ago.” I never really know what exactly I am going to get once that door opens. But, I just loved this sweet family. They greeted me with warmth and smiles and a big hug. Two people who were overjoyed to have brought a daughter in this world. It was such a lovely morning, and started my day just right. So looking back on to it, makes this monday even more happy. 

Tubandt family, I hope you have enjoyed the last couple weeks getting to know your little girl even more. I hope she is eating well, sleeping well, and giving you both lots of baby snuggles, such a sweet time. I am so thankful to have been able to capture these for you, and hope you will treasure them even more as the days have gone by. 

Much joy!


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