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Hey Friends!!

 YAY for Friday! Sometimes I get to the end of the week, and look back with such a big sigh. I made it!  Just trying to catch up on all the amazing summer goodness! I love getting to cross things off the good ol, to do list and with that we are so excited to share Maureen and Mat’s beautiful Atlanta wedding! These two got married at the beautiful Christ the King with a reception at Piedmont Parks Park Tavern. It was such a beautiful day including even with the down pour right after the ceremony. It created a little rearranging in the day but Maureen and Mat were so gracious through it all. My favorite part was taking them out through the park, where we stopped at a knoll and there were what felt like hundreds of sparrows flying around us. It felt magical, and such a special time in this day that I know these two will always remember. 

I also loved Maureen’s gift she gave to Mat, which was a beautifully bound book of all their letters and emails to each other. I definitely teared up watching him receive such a beautiful treasure to them both. Mats gift of a new SLR wasn’t too shabby either. 😉 

st loved seeing the two of you 

Maureen and Mat, we felt so blessed to be a part of all the celebration! It was definitely a beautiful day and Your hearts are truly on your sleeves, and we are so excited for this next chapter in your lives. another one for the books. 

Much joy!


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