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I often get asked what makes for an awesome session, and the answer is very simple. A couple that is 100% in love with each other. It won’t matter how comfortable they are in front of a camera, or what they wear, where we go, or what things we bring, it comes down to the love they share because that connection will show. So, to make your session easier especially if you both are nervous or weary of the experience, just remind each other that you will get to hold hands, laugh, hug, smooch, so it should feel like you two filled to the brim because you are both totally into each other. 😉

I was so excited when Alyssa wrote to say she and brandon were engaged! I met them both at Alyssa’s sisters wedding, and I knew it was just a matter of time. These two are both teachers, and we excited chatted about the many many summers ahead that they would have off together to work on their new home, having a couple months where they both get to sleep in, hanging out at the pool together, go abroad and work at a scooter shop situated right on the beach you know all the perks of being teachers. 

Alyssa and Brandon, I had so much fun with you both. The botanical gardens and running around the park was perfect because of how easy you two were to be around and photoing two people who were clearly over the moon for each other certainly made my job easy! 

Much joy!


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