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Hi friends, 

Mondays, admittedly, aren’t always my favorite days. Its because working weekends, mondays are always a little harder because Im working, but not in the studio, so there are always literally one million things to do on mondays. There is always a unique nature to every job, but even settling in I haven’t figured out Monday quite yet. Any tips out there?

I do know the same goes for bringing a new one home. With new babies right as we figure them out, they change, bringing a new stage to get used to all over again. Its all marvelous, frustrating, and wonderful in one fail swoop. I am confident every new mama and papa are experiencing this. This beautiful new family is learning the ropes of parenthood and with such ease and grace. How they loved their son, and looked at him with such admiration. With just a four day old, i can tell what Rock Stars these parents were going to be! 

Tompkins Fam, I feel so lucky that you chose me to capture such a sweet time in your lives. I hope you cherish these, especially when you are getting used to a new stage. 😉

much joy,


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