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Hi Friends, 

This shoot has literally been over a year in the making! Im so excited to share Margie and Drew, their beautiful love story, and such a fun shoot that I was beyond thrilled to work alongside the uber talented Molly McKinley as she styled such a lovely scene for us! Margie and Drew were our love story giveaway winners, and as I got to know them better, I can see how they were much deserved winners. There story is unique in that they both were going down completely different paths, different people, different places, and somehow their paths crossed, and ever since they were inseparable. 

My favorite part of their story was a sailing trip across the world. With stops in South America all the way to New Zealand. Among the very many interesting stories they shared over our time together, I could have listened to them talk about this adventure until the sun went down. We practically did. So, their shoot was inspired around their sailing adventure. Though lake lanier isn’t as vast as the ocean, it was still such a beautiful set for our shoot. I felt as if the whole thing was a dream, and how much I loved experiencing just a glimpse of something so amazing that they get say is part of the history together. 

Well, all of this came together, and I am so excited to share the results. I hope you will be as enamored by the story as I was!

Margie and Drew, I know it is something I say a lot about my clients, but I am truly so thankful and feel so blessed to have met you both.  I loved your kind of funny and you two truly do have the most amazing hearts. Thank you for letting me be a part of something so special! Happy Anniversary!



Thank you sweet Molly and Taylor for putting together such a fun vision! and thank you to Margie and Drew’s sweet friends who shared their beautiful sailboat and sailed us into the sunset. 😉 

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