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“where you go, Ill go

Where you stay, ill stay

when you move, ill move

I will follow you

who you love, ill love

how you serve, ill serve

if this life I lose, I will follow you

i will follow you….”

by chris tomlin

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard this song by chris tomlin and it made me think – wow, those are powerful words. I was immediate taken back to Chae and Tylers wedding because these were the words they shared and committed to each other and God during their ceremony. Words that are pretty easy to say, but much harder to actually live by. It made me think about what those words actually mean, and challenged me to think long and hard about the weight of it all. I love it when a wedding leaves me with a heart thought. More than beautiful details, which this wedding had nothing shy of, or an absolutely adorable couple, which Chae and Tyler are, I love hearing the words a couple is choosing to say to each other on their wedding day. Hearing the words they are choosing to commit to each other. I love it with those words speak to me, and help stir in me the person I am today. Its definitely such a cool part of being a wedding photographer. 

Chae and Tyler, there are going to be days that the commitment you made is going to be easy, and then there are going to be some, where it will be harder. I think it is those ups and downs that really make a marriage something beautiful. It is something that you fight for, daily. It was such an honor to watch you both say, “ill follow you, forever…” to each other. 

and now, happy wedding photos time!!!



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