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God has definitely blessed me by allowing me to experience in so many beautiful love stories. The story is truly one of my favorite parts. How two people find each other, how two people fall in love… I know will play such a huge part in their marriage.
Being married for over 11 years now, at the moments where my husband and I felt distant, when the business of life gets in the way of our love story, we made the commitment to come together and look through our wedding album, talk about old stories, or reminisce. It brings back all those beautiful early feelings and how much I loved that cute curly headed boy who used to ride his bike to my dorm. The boy who used to stay up all night with me and help me study for a big exam. How he would write me little love notes and leave them in random places for me to find. How he appreciated my big complex family. God can definitely use the early parts of your love to story to help remind you of why you fell in love in the first place. So, right now while it’s new know that these will be the moments you look back on and will certainly cherish in 5, 15, 35 years.
Abby and Kris love story is nothing shy of beautiful. I am confident that God will use their story to not only touch their hearts forever, but encourage so many hearts. I was only with them for a couple hours and that’s all I needed to know they had such incredibly beautiful. Since I wasn’t allowed to photograph their ceremony, they had asked if I could capture their first look. One of my favorite first looks of the year. I love first looks because especially on your wedding day the place you want to be most is next to him, next to her. Don’t get me wrong, I do love traditional part of waiting to see each until the ceremony, but first looks get a couple together sooner. Which when it comes down to it is my favorite part. So photography Abby and Kris, I got my favorite part for the entire time, it was pretty awesome!

Abby and Kris, I know your wedding will always be a part of when you look back on the early part of your love story. What a perfect addition to your story. I was so thankful to have witnessed it and be able to give you both the physical memory through pictures.

Much joy!

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