Sarah Jorey | Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographers

Hi Friends!!
I sure hope all of you are enjoying our new digs, and have gotten the chance to peek around a little bit. I am still settling in and learning the ropes of our new home, and soaking up the new feel. I did want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for your sweet words and encouragement. It truly means so much, and I will never have enough words to express my gratitude.
Rebranding, site design, and then putting it all together is truly such a feat, not to mention, trying to keep up with the business you have running because it isn’t stopping for you to get your makeover. So, my heart is literally still bursting that we pulled it off. Thank you thank you thank you… and please enjoy our new home!

With that, I am still getting used to the new blog and how to post and share my faves. We have had a ton of sessions the last few weeks, so I am a bit behind. But, I figure, no better time to give it a whirl. I am so excited to share this sweet gals senior portraits. I don’t get to photograph these a lot because my weekend wedding schedule, and most high schoolers with all their after school goodness need weekends. So, I was just so thrilled when Sarah reached out and we were able to align our schedules. I was so impressed by this young lady. Spending time with her brought me back to my high school years, and I can remember all the big decisions I was making. But, looking back, I was just so young and how thankful I am that was able to make it through all those big decisions that ultimately brought me to where I am today. So chatting with Sarah I felt like I was ready to share “my wisdom”, but just in that little time we spent, I had no doubts she has a mature beyond her years, and is making those big decisions with the right heart. Plus, Sarah was so beautiful inside and out, and such a joy to be around.
Sarah, thank you for holding on to my name all these years and calling me when the time came for photos! I just loved running around the mountain with you and your mama. There are a ton of excitingly wonderful things coming your way, and I have no doubt you will handle each step with the joy and grace and discernment each step deserves!! Looking forward to seeing it all unfold!
Much joy!

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