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Hi friends!
I am so excited to be working remotely while shooting a destination wedding this weekend. I had a couple of these out of towners back to back, so all the traveling lately has created an interesting dynamic to my to do list.  I promise, even though Im out of town, to do my best to post something every day, so Im staying on schedule for those of you patiently waiting for you sneak peek!
I am so excited to share this darling little family. I could believe seeing how big this sweet girl has gotten. I first met her as a 6 day old, so it was so fun getting to see what a precious little girl she has become. AND, getting to catch up with mom and dad and inquire all about their first year. “we survived!” was their quick answer, but they soon after dived into all the wonderfulness.
Wagners, just love spending time with your family! I know Parker had to make me work real hard for those smiles, so Im sure you guys will appreciate the ones she gave me.
Much joy!

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