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Hi Friends!
I am so excited to share this sweet couple and their wedding with you! This couple literally made my heart so happy, they were truly so kind and in love
and so wonderful, all the things I feel so thankful for to have in clients. They truly made my job as a photographer effortless because it as so easy to capture how in love they were. The created such a beautiful day to spend celebrating with friends and family, and around each corner was another wonderful photo to be taken.
These two just came back from spending a year living in Itlay, and I could tell they were just so excited to be back and amongst all their closet people. Also getting to reminisce through their time there even for a second certainly made for a wonderful day!
Alecia and Brant, thank you both for being so wonderfully you. I loved every second of your day, and am confident that how wonderful it all started will carry over into a beautiful marriage!!
Much joy!
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