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Hey Friends!!
I just loved meeting these two and getting the chance to dive into their lives just a little bit. My favorite part about this session was towards the end when we stopped at one of their fav restaurants, ordered some beers, and just had the chance to chit chat with of course a couple snaps in between. They really settled in, and I loved seeing some wonderful moments true to Dorothy and Jeff!
I realize that meeting with all but a stranger and having that person, i.e. stranger, take photos and invade your privacy isn’t easy. I do personally feel that it is the photographers job to make their clients feel as comfortable as possible because my goal is to get away from stiff unnatural poses, and create an environment that allows for organic and authentic images that are true to each one of my couples. Which only comes from my couples feeling comfortable and relaxed and able to show us who they really are. So, I feel like that can’t happen in a 20 minute session, or one where I am only tell them what to do, or shooting in an environment that has no ties to the couple. But, rather encouraging them to find places that are familiar, so they can settle into that familiarity and just enjoy being a couple. Blocking off a good bit of time, an hour to two hours, bc I feel like it takes folks, regardless of how comfortable they are in front of the camera, time to settle in. I always share with my couples, that they will see that in their photos too. That at first they will see a slightly uncomfortable look but as the photos progress they will see “them”.
And lastly, finding out what they love, other than just each other of course even though that is important too. They have interests and heart and people always lighten up when they talk about the things that make them happy! So, all this said, my goal for my couples is that an engagement session feels like they were all but just going on a date, and happen to have a photographer snap a few highlights of it and a glimpse into their love story.
Dorothy and Jeff, I had such a great time with you guys. Spending a day at piedmont with your puppy and hearing how you met and what you guys love to do in your free time. And ending the day at the Hand and Hand was such a treat, and loved getting to sit and chat.. and even put my camera down for second. Hope you love these, and truly can’t wait til the wedding!!
Much joy!

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