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Hi Friends!
Does anyone else still get excited when they get on an airplane? Maybe I’m a little unusual, but I am still amazed that we are able to fly in the air hundreds of people at a time. I still always hope for a window seat, and the five year old in me still gets giddy peeks out my window watching all the ground control, watching my take off, and loving when we are finally 35000 feet high above the clouds. No matter how many times I have flown, it never gets old. I’ve been blessed with this amazing job that allows me to see and experience so many different places.
Suzanne and William invited me to Highlands, NC for their beautiful Old Edwards Farm wedding. I’ve been to this venue quite a few times now, but it’s beauty and peacefulness never tire and I always feel like I see something new when I go. For Suzanne and William their 300 person guest count including a 53 person wedding party made for quite the awesome day.
Suzanne and William are the type of people you would expect to have such a large guest count! They are genuine, kind, big hearted, joyful people to be around. They greet you with the biggest hug, look you in the eyes and you can tell instantly that they are genuinely so thankful you are there! Come the end of the night the reception felt like a concert, except with moments where the wedding party and family found themselves on stage rocking it out with the band!
Suzanne and William, what an incredible treat your wedding day was from beginning to end. You guys made us feel like old friends just celebrating alongside you both. I promise I’ll never forget this incredible day because of how wonderfully memorable you two made it for us and all of your guests! Hope you love every single one of these!!!

Much joy!

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