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Hi friends!

I will forever remember this wedding as one of those oh-my-how-did-we-miraculously-avoid-the-rain wedding days!!! My little photographer heart could’t have been happier and thankful for how this day turned out!

Let me back up and say that Morgan and Tyler are some of the kindest, most gracious people I’ve ever worked with. Meeting them for the first time their engagement session, I realized then how kind, warm, down to earth, fun, and most importantly… how they make each other incredibly happy. Seriously… the things Tyler did to make Morgan smile and laugh were endless, and the best part was that he never really even had to try. They genuinely made one another smile often, and with ease. There’s something so special about that.

On their day, the sun was out and beautifully shinning, so we headed out for photos on UGA’s north campus, when we peeked up and saw the clouds start rolling in. We snapped through as many as we could and then ran back to cover before the clouds started to let loose.  I was a little sad. I just wanted it to be perfect for them. But, shortly after, the clouds parted and it was so lovely to see how truly BEAUTIFUL the light was during their wedding day. And even though we had to hustle at the end, Im so thankful we ended up with some really beautiful portraits, and I captured them in record time. I’m sure the Lord was smiling down on their sweet wedding celebration!

Congratulations to Morgan and Tyler!! So thankful to have been a part of your beautiful day from beginning to end!!
Much joy!

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