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Hi friends!!

happy thursday!! I am so excited to share some of my wonderful friends the hogans with you! We all know how photographers love the schedule their sessions during that perfect golden hour. Either really early or late, the light has this perfectness, that seems to make people glow. Though I know most people prefer the evening, and don’t get me wrong, for this mom of three, evenings are more my cup of tea, but when it comes to choosing the best light, I definitely love morning. there is something about how it glows and pours thru. As if the sun itself is a morning person, and is at it’s most brightest. It’s just great! and this sweet family braved the morning with me, which I think was well rewarded with some awesome photoings!!
  oh, have I mentioned how much I adore this family? I am so thankful for their love and friendship. They are so laid back and super fun. When I got home after the shoot, I was so excited and refreshed to be with a family that loves being with their family. I am grateful to get to call them my friends. 
Much joy!

  1. Anna H. says:

    Oh, Alea!!!!! We LOVE them! Thank you for capturing such great moments for our family! We love you!

  2. Jake D. says:

    Great pics! Super cute!!

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