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Hi Friends!

I would first like to preface that I am having a difficult time writing this post. I am not really sure the right words to use to even begin to describe the experience and photos we are about to share. But to start, I am just so thrilled to finally be able to share the photos from Carly and Tyler’s wedding. They were so wonderful and invited us all the way out to Red Lodge, Montana to photograph their wedding. We had never experienced an “out west” wedding before, and oh man oh man, did they give us treat. Carly tried to prepare us before hand of how absolutely gorgeous the scenery was, and gave us a little about all that they had planned, but I don’t think anything they could have shared with us would have prepared us for what we experienced. Wonderful beauty straight to your core. The pace was calmer, the air was so fresh, and well, there were buffalo running around- couldn’t get much cooler than that!

Like I said, I am having a hard time finding the right words, but hopefully my lack of words will be made up by the photos. 

Just by the few times that we got to talk to Carly over the phone, it was no surprise that over 100 people came either by air or good driving distance to celebrate their union. It didn’t take long for everyone, including us, to understand why Carly and Tyler wanted to hold their wedding in beautiful Red Lodge. Rolling purple hills, bright blue sky, yellow filled birch trees were incredible to discover and photograph. And Carly and Tyler, with all their undeniable joyful hearts made it all the more wonderful. We feel so lucky to have met these two and to have had the pleasure of documenting such a beautiful celebration. 

Carly and Tyler, just as difficult as it was to describe our experience in Montana, it is that much more difficult to begin to say thank you. We were so humbled that you asked us to come all the way across the country to spend the day with you both. We were welcomed so warmly by all your friends and family, like we had known all of you for years. Your day was truly a pleasure and JOY to photograph, and we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience every emotion this day had to offer. Being there only enhanced our appreciation of what we get to do for a living. Thank you for choosing us to capture your day.  

As always, our favorites are below! Carly and Tyler, you better get on some good internet connection, cause there’s a lot. 😉

all the joy, 

Alea and Kim


  1. Cori (sis of the bride)! says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!! Can’t wait to see the rest. We’re so thankful yall were there to capture such sweet memories for Carly & Ty as well as our families!

  2. Whitney says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful and truly captured the love story and joy of this day! You do beautiful work!

  3. Leah(cuzof the bride) says:

    The pictures are beautiful and very breathtaking!!! You did a wonderful job for the bride and groom!!! Absolutely love them!!(11-01-11 @ 7:11p.m.)

  4. Father of the Bride says:

    Thanks for such a great have a great eye for finding the beauty of the day..

  5. Father of the Bride says:

    Thanks for such a great have a great eye for finding the beauty of the day..

  6. Father of the Bride says:

    Thanks for such a great have a great eye for finding the beauty of the day..

  7. Father of the Bride says:

    Thanks for such a great have a great eye for finding the beauty of the day..

  8. Kelly Owens (Cuz of the bride) says:

    I could not be at the wedding. These pictures portray the most beautiful wedding. The colors and decorations and simple favors were unreal and so Carly. Wish I could have been there.

  9. Craig Winckler says:

    I wish so badly we could have been there with our “second family”. You guys captured their day so beautifully. I got so many chill bumps looking at your beautiful photos. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job so that those of us unable to attend could feel like we were there!

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