lets get personal!

hi friends!

well, it is a beautiful chaos around here.  i haven’t picked up my big ol’ fancy camera except for a few times (a couple awesome weddings and one lovely evening in our backyard as your about to see) so in an effort to try and remember this time i have tried to take at least one picture each day with my iPhone, thank you Jesus for instagram!  plus it is just a ton easier than my big nikon seeing that there aren’t enough hands to begin with.  😉  in a nut shell, we are incredibly blessed.  and happy.  and exhausted.  and trying to just figure this whole thing out as we go along. I’m not going to deny for a second that having four is hard. {open to any sweet mamas out there who want to let me know some real advice! cause I’m open to hearing any and all of it.}  in an effort of trying to be real, i really just am hoping for the day to come when i don’t feel guilty at the end of the day from not giving each child or my husband what they really needed from me that day.  and that maybe i let the baby cry too long because i was trying to have a moment with one of the other ones. and walking out the door with spit up on my shirt. and not shower for a day extra then i should. and not calling my friend back. is a smoothie, a granola bar and jelly beans a good dinner?  i know i might have lofty aspirations that i may become supermom and have everyone with an exciting craft, three square meals and i would be able to answer all 400+ emails in my inbox in one uninterrupted sitting, but the truth is that i consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to smile at the end of it.  and my prayer is that my girls see me as an imperfect person relying on a perfect God to help walk us through it. and remind myself it is the simple things that are the blessings and accomplishments. and feel grateful when i am able to walk my oldest to school that morning. laughing, lots and lots of laughing. having a dance party in our living room. being able to all sit down together at the dinner table despite whats on it. having my newest lock eyes on mine as if she knows that i, yes me, am her mom and she knows without a question that i love her. saying bedtime prayers with my girls and hearing what has impacted their day. getting snuggle time and eskimo kisses. and 

being able to hold my husband’s hand for longer than a minute. these are the simple things. these are the moments that are my joy. 🙂 thanks for letting me be a little personal! 

so, that is what we’ve been up to!

Joy friends!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Omg this is why I love you so much!! You are so honest and Awesome. Love those baby girls!

  2. Erin Biehler says:

    I have tears in my eyes reading your sweet post. Your girls are so beautiful and God has blessed you with those sweeties because He knew you could take care of them and love them to pieces! Thanks for sharing your love and talents every day!

  3. I hope i’ve told you this already…but you have the most gorgeous little ladies!! So excited for you and your precious family!!

  4. Katy McG says:

    First of all, real friends know how hard it is and understand how crazy it is! So never feel guilty about your friends b/c they understand that family comes first! Secondly, I don’t know anyone else who does a better job with trying to spend as much time with each person in your family as you do, not to mention you are blessed to have such a wonderful husband to help you with balance. And as a mom, there’s never a time you don’t feel guilty, but we have to learn to set it aside and know we’re doing our best. And our kids will not even remember half of the struggle we went through (I hardly remember and my mom had us like you had the last three). They will remember the dance parties, the time around the dinner table, the stories and will love the chaos of life.
    Know you have friends that are there for you and who are praying for you, and who realize the reality of this time for you. 🙂

  5. AP Moore says:

    Alea Moore, I am so proud of you, and so proud to be your husband. Truly, you are amazing…as a photographer, as a mother, and as a wife. Thank you for loving me the way you do, and the way you lavish love upon our Girls! Thank you for doing life with me to crate a story to tell…then doing such an amazing job sky your pictures and your words. I love you. “Find a good spouse, you find a good life— and even more: the favor of God! (Proverbs 18:22 MSG)”

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