my morning out

So I have discovered my morning. It’s a wonderful thing that I never really enjoyed before now. Before Gavin I did everything possible to sleep as late as I could. I would bury my face in my pillow and hit the snooze button on my alarm at the very least 4 times. I would sleep until my eyes opened to a dim room with my curtains pulled and the only thing that would help me be a morning person was a shower and a Starbucks. Now, as soon as I hear my little buddy start chatting with himself, I hop right out of bed to see the sweetest smiling face I’ve ever seen!! Gavin is such a morning baby and now it seems I’m a morning person too 🙂 I don’t even think I’ve even set my alarm clock once over these last 4 months. 

One thing we love to do on Saturday morning while Colby is still sleeping, is to explore the Marietta Farmers Market. Most Saturdays we have weddings all day and I miss out on Gavin’s fun filled day so going to the square is something that just the two of us can do together while daddy is catching up on his sleep before I rush off for the day. Today, i put on his crabby but cute onesie just to be funny and we walked around to look at all the fun food and people. We sample as much as possible, especially the fudge 🙂 and we’ve made some friends who know us well. The pimento cheese guy is always so nice and knows how I love his jalapeño pimento cheese. It goes fast so we like to stop there first. The lettuce lady knows I love the bibb and romaine! The bakery girls seem to always talk me into getting 2 ham and cheese pretzels when I should really only eat one. The cheese lady always lets me sample the goat cheese even though she knows I’m going to buy the feta… I could go on and on. And it never fails, I always seem to see someone I know 🙂 Today I ran into Mary. We photographed her and David’s wedding a few years back and today I met their sweet baby boy!! It was a great day 🙂

this is my morning boy!

  1. Katy McG says:

    So sweet! I love when you said you wake up to him “chatting” not crying! He is such a happy little buddy, just like his mommy 🙂

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