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Hi Friends!
I cant believe it has been over 5 years since I photoed Katie and Brandon’s wedding down in gorgeous Amelia Island. I was so thrilled to see their family grow with the addition of their son, Charlie. His smile is truly contagious, so get ready. I will share that even though the photos will make it look like it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day with the spring flowers blooming- dont let it fool you, because it was freezing. And much like everyone I know, Katie and I were both fooled by the mirage of spring. 😉 So, the fact that little Charlie smiled through the whole shoot says a lot about what an amazing little man he is.
Ingram Family!! I loved seeing you guys again. Thank you for such a treat, and walk down memory lane. I am so happy for you three and so excited for the wonderful adventures ahead. Hopefully not as cold as this one, but absolutely wonderful ones.
Much joy!

  1. Katie says:

    Alea!!! We absolutely love them!!! Thank you so much for capturing such wonderful pictures of our sweet boy!

  2. Nickie McMillan says:

    All these are amazing!! Such a beautiful family inside and out:)

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