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Wheew! There was a whole lot of celebrating going on this weekend!! I’m so thankful for both mine and Alea’s families and birthdays are a big deal around this camp!! Loa turned 8 on Saturday and baby Gavin turned one!! This year has been filled with lots of joy for both Alea and I and between the two of us, there were lots of balloons and cake and probably a pile of streamer combined 🙂 
This year has flown by so fast and one of my very favorite families is way past due for a blog!! My very dear friend Sheia is one of the most beautiful people I know. She’s got style like nobody’s business and always has a smile on her face. She loves her boys more than I could ever describe (much like me 🙂 and is always so lifting when I see her. She always reminds me to love myself oh, and to ALWAYS have fabulous hair!! So if anyone needs a GREAT stylist, let me know!! I’ve got her number for ya!! 
Sheia, Benny & Grant, you know already but I love you all! It’s always the best day of my week when I get to spend time with your family!! Let’s do it again VERY soon!!! Benny, I hear you’ve got the most amazing orange accessory for our next shoot:):) Can’t wait!! 


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