happy birthday loa!

Hi Friends! 

Over the weekend my baby girl turned 8. I was a little stunned when Loa asked me if I would take some “I’m 8 years old now” photos. Mostly because my girls typically run the opposite direction when I bring out the Ol’ cam-er-a. I was so tickled that it was something special to her. 

SO, off we went to find an aqua wall (her choice) and hand full of confetti (my idea) and after some fun wind blowing, laughing so hard, we took some of my favorite images of loa to date. 

This is my beautiful eight year old. my heart.

She never meets a stranger. So curious about life. always smiling. Loves Jesus. would play outside from the moment the sun comes up to the sun goes down. will hold my hand in public. dreams big. is sweeter than sugar. beautiful. laughs at everything. so grateful and kind. she’s my darling girl.

happy birthday loa!!! love you so!

  1. Congrats to you momma! What a beautiful little lady you’ve got there!!!
    ~ Jillian

  2. Anna H. says:

    Love them! The last one is to die for!!!! Happy birthday sweet Loa!

  3. Anna H. says:

    Love them! The last one is to die for!!!! Happy birthday sweet Loa!

  4. Ashley says:


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