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Hi there!! Do any of you watch America’s got Talent? It is definitely of of mine and Colby’s guilty pleasures and we’re so into it this year!! LOL! Please don’t judge me 🙂 It’s just one of those shows you can’t look away from. Some acts are incredible like this 10 year old girl who sings like a beautiful old soul and yes there are the crazies that eat hot peppers and squirt lime juice in their eyes….. that’s why Tivo lets us do quite a bit of fast forwarding 🙂 Anyway, you should go watch!!
Tonight is more than just me watching my tv shows though. I’m so excited to share this sweet, sweet family! I actually didn’t get to meet them but I’m totally in love with their photos. Alea got to treat them to a long walk in the park and I think it was such a wonderful idea for these two couples to get together and spend some special photo time together. I love it so much, I totally want to invite my parents out for a walk in the park with me, Colby and Gavin to capture some awesome family time. Such a sweet idea and I’m so happy to share this session!!

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