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I’m so grateful for what I do. Some days are harder than others and present challenges that I fear get in the way of me being the best I can be. Then there are days like today! When I wake up, only after a few short hours of sleep, with a headache that feels like the size of downtown Atlanta and it still turns out to be a great day! I mean some of the highlights were, me and Gavin got to stay in our pj’s until 3pm today, I found great inspiration in a pow wow phone chat with Alea, I successfully made yummy homemade fish sticks for a late lunch, I uploaded into Lightroom and looked through the MOST BEAUTIFUL St. Simon’s wedding (absolutely can not wait to share that very soon) and still get to share a pretty awesome blog! Please believe that there were many moments this week that I thought I might need a glass of wine…. or two, but why focus on the negative! 
So this family is pretty awesome! The Etheridge’s absolutely made my evening and it’s always fun to see our babies grow up!! We met him when he was just days old and now Little Walker smiled just about the entire session but even his serious looks melted my heart 🙂 
Etheridge’s, enjoy that little guy! He is so precious and we hope so much we get to see his sweet smile again really soon!! Maybe next time he’ll be running circles around Cooper :):)


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