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Hi Friends!

This is my sweet Elin Mims. She is every bit of a two year old. One second she is flying through the clouds the next rolling on the floor with her “two year old moments” – as we call them. She is my lover and my fighter. With being the third youngest, she can still definitely hold her own. Right now elin is in love with her baby dolls. Every where she goes she has one of these babies. She tends to them just like a sweet mama would. My favorite thing is when she sings them lullabies and pushes them around in their little buggy. Just precious to me. 

I thought that it would be perfect theme for a teeny shoot with my curly headed little one. So, off we went to a field with little yellow flowers and sunshine, and a little girl who doesn’t stop smiling. 

Elin Mims. i can tell already at such a young age that your heart is bigger than the sun and shines just as brightly. I hope you know and can feel just how much I love you. Just as you love your baby dolls, this mama loves you and wants to hold you tight. Sing to you. and prays every day that God watches over you. 

love you so.

your mommy

  1. This is perfect! It really captures her sunshine personality (a lot like her mama!)

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