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Hi Everyone!! With our busy days and busy nights, we seem to always get our hands into something fun and exciting!! Whether it’s with photography or our home and family life, it’s never boring around mine and Alea’s camps!! Last night, it was standing at the front door with frowns on our faces waiting patiently, and hoping and praying and crossing our fingers reeeeeeeally tight that the big ol’ thunder and lightning storm would quickly pass by so we could get on with our exciting plans for the evening!! An amazing shoot that we had been planning with an adorable couple and a couple of special surprises!! And as we waited and waited…. I was loosing hope but Alea never did!! And oh how happy we were once the sprinkles stopped!! Just wait and see!! πŸ™‚

But right now, I’m so happy to share Emily and Kyle’s wedding!! This summer has been the rainiest summer we’ve ever seen and I will admit that we’ve gotten pretty good at watching that sky and the grey clouds that come with those pop up thunderstorms!! This day though gave us the most beautiful sky and perfect breeze before the storm. What some people think is a flaw, we have seen the beauty!! Emily and Kyle were married at the incredible Foundry at Puritan MillΒ and danced the night away under the most magical twinkle lights we’ve seen in Atlanta. One of my favorite parts of the day has to be when Emily’s bridesmaids each gave her hand made badges to pin onto her petticoat. They each meant something special and represented wonderful times and memories with her dearest friends. They were with her all day long and if we hadn’t have seen them being pinned, we wouldn’t have even know they were there. It was so special and a perfect way to send Emily off to get married πŸ™‚

Emily and Kyle, We loved being with you all day rain and shine πŸ™‚ Thank you being such a fun couple and for running around with us!! It’s always an adventure and we loved our adventure with you!!



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