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I loved getting to meet these two and I joked because every time I chatted with Katherine over the phone it was while she was at work, and I got her “business voice”, so when meeting her in person, I just loved seeing her personality and sense of humor. and to officially get to meet Jim after hearing so much about him was awesome because I got to see how they were such a perfect fit for each other. 

In chatting with Katherine and Jim, listening to their story, I took away how sometimes the best things for us are the things we can’t even imagine. The things we don’t plan. the times we don’t expect. When Katherine walked in on Jim down on one knee in their dining room, she shared, and Im paraphrasing here…  “we were just having dinner together, like we always do, with our mismatched furniture because we just moved into this house together, and I walked back into the kitchen to grab some ice cream and came back to find him down on a knee, ring in hand, and I was completely surprised. It was different than I had imagined, but it was so us.” I loved their story because it is them. Because it is different the than they both had imagined, but far better because it is the story they will take with them.

So off we went to where they first met, reminisced where they had their first date and their first kiss, and I got to listen to their hopes of what their future together was going to be like. 🙂

Katherine and Jim, what a fun afternoon with you two. I knew when I walked up and you two where enjoying a margarita and a beer before the shoot it was going to be fun. Thank you both for giving me a glimpse into your story, and hope you both enjoy these photos. 

Much joy!


  1. Shelley Mayfield says:

    i lsmiled and laughed all the way to the bottom of the page. xo

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