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I know there is the saying, when it rains it pours. In more ways than one, we are experiencing some fun down pours. My washer machine went kaput the night before we left for Charleston, so that’s always fun. There are a number of things expiring that we need to renew, doctor appointments, school starting back up, dealing with the actual weather. My phone is completely out of space. caused by back to back trips and photo taking. 😉 Our blog has been going frtizey on me, sso I havent been able to post all that I want and need. Its so hard when you depend on technology to do so much and when it doesn’t do what it should, it is a weird feeling of incompleteness, lol. 

SO! I am so excited to get the blog back up to share Lisa and Tommy’s wedding. What a day this was. We had to work around the heat and a fun down pour in the middle of the newlywed photos, some schedule rearranging and waiting and little more rearranging and a tweak more waiting. But, after this past year and rain, it wasn’t anything unfamiliar us and we make do with the day that is given to us. Tommy and Lisa were awesome through it all. The two of them have such big gracious hearts, such amazing support by all of their friends and family, and I know Ive said it before, but a couple that can handle rain on their wedding day, is surely able to handle anything together. 

Lisa and Tommy, we had such a lovely time with you both. What a wonderful celebration that we feel so privileged to have witnessed!! Much blessings to you both!!



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