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Hi Friends!
You’ve seen this family before around my blog pages, but you have’t seen them like this. 😉 I was ecstatic when kelly mentioned the idea of photoing their family in a creek. Letting her boys be boys. Brings some slingshots, bow and arrows, floating some boats down stream. So, to watch all of it come together was certainly a highlight to my summer’s photo schedule. 
Huckaby’s, it is always a privilege to spend time with your family. How thankful I am that you put yourselves on the other side of my lens and allow me to capture what a see. The cutest, messiest in the boy sense, silliest, can’t take it too seriously, most wonderful family I know. 
Much joy!


  1. HuckabyFam says:

    Alea- we adore you, my dear! Thanks for following our family on the creek adventure (in YOUR creek, I might add!). We love you guys so much.

  2. Anita Craig says:

    Those are *gorgeous* shots! For a photographer, it must be extremely satisfying to work with such beautiful and vibrant subjects. You totally captured them.

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