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Style Me Pretty Living Feature | Atlanta Published Photographers

Hi Friends!!
With the last few days of summer among us, we just had to make sure we were giving it a proper send off!! Loved collaborating with some seriously talented and creative folks on this one!
Plus, some of the most yummy cocktails with reciepes thanks to Lyghtehouse Cocktails, I promise they won’t disappoint!

So thankful to Style Me Pretty for featuring this fun shoot!!
Happy Summer Friends!


our Snow Day | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographers

Hi Friends!

While the rest of atlanta was getting covered by snow and experiencing the downside of 5 million people trying to flee to their homes, I was incredibly thankful to have been home with my little family. We were glued to the windows watching the magic of snow falling that we rarely get to experience. In the south, the question is if it is going to stick to the grounds and make the white blanket, and when it did start sticking, I jumped up, grabbed my camera, a few flowers we had around the house, a quilt and my girls to take a few photos while the snow was falling.

As a photographer, I get asked all the time, “I bet you have SO many photos of your kids”, and the truth is, I do. I can admit it.  I have tons and tons! But it isn’t often I get to make an entirely special “photo session” just for them. So, this was such a treat. We were all home, it was snowing, and I got to enjoy being a mom who loves using her camera, and taking the time to enjoy their individual personalities… time to compliment each one of them.. reminding them they are so beautiful, inside and out. and then have a keepsake, to share with them now and once they are older. this fun memory. Once we were done, we ran inside, took hot bubble baths, made hot cocoa, and roasted marshmallows in the fireplace.  Geeting to be completely present in this very unique very special moment in time. such a gift to my soul.

Loa Faith, I love how you soak up every moment. How I can tell God has designed you as a dreamer. The blessing of using your imagination and creating something out of nothing. You amaze me.  

Adellie Laine, you are my heart. How you remind me of me when I was young. So carefree, joyful, silly, and just so warm and loving. How you are always on the hunt for an adventure. 

Elin Mims, your smile and heart are just so captivating. You have such a nurturing and loving soul. I can stare in those big blue eyeballs and get swept away. 

Finley Lavie, how the world is still such a new place to you. I am enamored by how you are exploring and learning your surroundings. I can see how you are taking it all in. fearlessly. 

Love each one of you so…

your mama

Tom Sawyer Tree Farm | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographers

Hi Friends!

Firstly, let me preface by sharing, I am pretty tired. But, I have been really wanting to share this little family adventure, so I am trying my best to keep these sleepy eyes open, and type something that makes sense. ok, to my story. So, in the years past, we have gotten our christmas tree from Pike nursery. It has always been a fun experience and we have always loved the tree we picked. But, this year we had the amazing opportunity to visit Cashiers, NC and pick and cut our christmas tree. I love frasier trees, but georgia doesn’t get cold enough for them. So off we went to the nc mountains!! It was definitely worth trip to the Tom Sawyer Farm. It was an absolutely gorgeous farm and we just loved running around taking in the fresh air and beautiful view. Plus, picking out our tree felt very special. and my sweet hubby getting to use an axe, was certainly the highlight of the trip. 🙂 He promised me no one would loose a hand. 😉 We had such a fun time starting out our holiday with this little adventure. 🙂

Of course I took a few photos! So, im taking a break from our many families and wedding photos to share a little of mine.

happy christmas!


Happy Birthday Colby!!

Today is Colby’s birthday!! It’s one of the most important days of my life because it’s the day that my best friend was born! There are so many things I love about this boy and I think I will try to name just a few 🙂 I love his smile, his laugh, his love for me and Gavin. I love our life together, our little family our adventures. I love his excitement, his loyalty, his strength. I love his thoughtfulness, his honesty, his happiness. I love his butt (enough said). I love that he shares his drink with me, that he brings me home treats, and that he watches girly movies with me. I love snuggling on the couch, eating ice-cream with him and kissing him goodnight. I love his talent, his passion, his love for life. I love every last thing about Colby and I love celebrating his birthday with him!! Happy birthday baybay!! Gavin and I love you to the moon and back!

Love you!!!

leelees | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Hi Friends!

This is my sweet Elin Mims. She is every bit of a two year old. One second she is flying through the clouds the next rolling on the floor with her “two year old moments” – as we call them. She is my lover and my fighter. With being the third youngest, she can still definitely hold her own. Right now elin is in love with her baby dolls. Every where she goes she has one of these babies. She tends to them just like a sweet mama would. My favorite thing is when she sings them lullabies and pushes them around in their little buggy. Just precious to me. 

I thought that it would be perfect theme for a teeny shoot with my curly headed little one. So, off we went to a field with little yellow flowers and sunshine, and a little girl who doesn’t stop smiling. 

Elin Mims. i can tell already at such a young age that your heart is bigger than the sun and shines just as brightly. I hope you know and can feel just how much I love you. Just as you love your baby dolls, this mama loves you and wants to hold you tight. Sing to you. and prays every day that God watches over you. 

love you so.

your mommy

Finley Lavie is one!

Hi Friends!

I stared at this post for a little while. It’s not that I am short on words or that I don’t know what to say. Its more along the lines of reflection and wave of reality when I look back over the last year. It wasn’t in our plans to have a fourth baby, maybe one day, but definitely our hope would have been to have a little more time between the two that were just turning 3 and one just over one. We were at a point in parenthood where we felt a little maxed out already. SO adding one more to the mix, especially so soon, made my heart heavy with uncertainty. AP and I weren’t in a safe place, the pregnancy was really difficult, and I was exhausted. There were days I wanted to hide my head under a pillow and never leave. Or, some days, I wanted to just cry from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep. Still to this day its hard for me to say this out loud and admit this. Mostly because I consider myself as a happy person, as an optimistic person. The glass is always half full and I usually can see the positive in everything. It was a season where looking back now, I know God was trying to tell me, show me, and help me understand His faithfulness. I can remember hearing his soft whispers, “I am faithful.” But, when life has it’s harder moments, it is harder to hear. and even harder to believe. 

On July 12th at 6 in the morning, we headed to the hospital, nervous, excited, joyed with the anticipation of meeting our fourth baby girl. And when I laid eyes on this precious little lady, I heard God’s whisper… I. am. faithful. 

finley newborn.jpg

The last year as a family of six (with a 7, 3, 2, and newborn) has been the most challenging, hard working, messy, exhausting, and hands down the best year of my life. AP and I are the closest we have ever been in ten years of marriage, we’re a team, in love, the kind that embarrasses our kids, and makes them happy. Don’t worry, we still argue, but its the kind where at the end we can laugh and kiss and say i love you. Having four kids, though I was so afraid of what that looked like, has taught me not to take life so seriously, live each day as the blessing it is, and love, love, love and hug your sweet babies.This sweet baby girl with whom AP and I can look at her, and be so thankful for the “symbol” she is to our family. A symbol of God’s faithfulness. We gave finley the middle name “La Vie” to remind us, “life” and how God will breathe in a new life. YOU just have to be faithful. 

I cant imagine my life with out her. With every moment I see her sweet personality. In just these 364 days, I see a young lady who is warm and sweet. she is shy, and an observer. She is brave and incredibly smart. She’s a mama’s girl which I secretly love. She’s so funny. She is cuddley. She is serious yet is always smiling. We are just smitten with her, and thank God every day that He blessed our family with such an amazing little lady. 


Happy first birthday Finley Lavie. Mommy and Daddy and ALL your sisters love you immeasurably. 🙂 Thank you for being such a blessing to our lives. 

love love, 



CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

contest announcement.jpg

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, am I ever excited about this one! There are giveaways and then there are GIVEAWAYS, and this falls into the latter camp. We are partnering with Molly McKinley–the very same planner/designer extrodinaire who worked with us on this adorable wedding featured in SMP –and we’re giving one reader an anniversary photo session shot by us, styled by Molly, completely free! 
Since we are in the business of celebrating love, we wanted to do something extra special for couples who have already said their “i do’s”.  We want to honor those of you who have been working hard at marriage and the epic promise you made to the person you committed your heart to! There are a unique set of challenges and triumphs that can only be shared by those of you who have made a lifetime commitment to another person. There will be days that are great, and then there will days that require an extra dose of patience, compromise, and sometimes just saying sorry even though it might not have been your fault. Being the true example of what it really means to being there… for better or worse. 

As someone who has been married for almost 10 years ( this September, whoo hoo!), I can personally testify to how marriage is something you have to work for every single day. You have to make a conscious effort to falling in love with each other daily. How easy it is to get stuck in the mundain of the every day…the not so romantic sides of life- work, groceries, dishes, in my case, diapers (4 kids worth), mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, finances, leaving the toilet seat down, folding laundry… oh the list .  Its all about how you two decide to approach all these day to day things and while still trying to tell your love through it all.

One of my favorite books is written by a husband and wife, John and Stasi Eldrigde called “Love and War“.  The book  begins with their obvious confession: Marriage is fabulously hard. And the continue to describe how, “We live in a great love story, set in the midst of war.” Its one of my favorite visuals to the promise I feel I made. I know its hard, but because its hard, its that much more amazing. 

So, all that said, we want to celebrate your love story!! We want to celebrate all your hard work, all you two have accomplished together. So, we are happy to announce the giveaway of all giveaways. Got you excited?? well, we hope you will join us! here are the details! 

This contest is open to any couple who will be available in the Atlanta area.  You must haven been married for at least a year.  The prize will be an inspired by you, styled by Molly McKinley Designs, one-hour photo shoot captured by Alea Moore Photography and you will receive a DVD of all your images. Pretty fabulous, right!?

1. We want to hear your story!  Email me at info @ in 250 words or less either how you two met or how he proposed and what your wedding was like. And most importantly, we would also love to hear why you two deserve a session. Make sure that in the Subject Line of your email you put “Photoshoot Giveaway”  and then both your names (eg. Photoshoot Giveaway: Julie & Jason) or your entry might not be included.
2. Please also include a brief sentence or two about your personal style and tastes so that we can start thinking about how we’ll style your photo shoot if you win (eg. “we both like bright colors, the beach and picnics, and quirky movies”). 
3. Also make sure to attach a photo of the two of you together.
4. Leave us a comment below this post telling us how much you love us. (i mean who doesn’t love hearing that.)
4. “Like” Alea Moore and Molly Hunt McKinley on Facebook.
5. Follow @aleamoore, @kimlindsay, and @mollymckdesigns on instagram and twitter
I know this is a lot to do, but we promise it will be worth it!
The submission period ends Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 12 midnight.  Any emails received after then will not be entered into the contest.  Then from there we will review each story received and pick our three favorites, and then post them here on the blog and Facebook for the world to see on Tuesday, June 27, 2013.  At this point, the contest is in the hands of blogland.  Readers will have one week to vote for their favorite story by “liking” the couple of their choice’s post on Facebook, or by emailing me at with the couples’ name as the Subject Heading (i will repost how to vote when we get to that stage).  The winner will be emailed and announced here on the blog no later than Friday, July 1, 2013.
ok! Ready? Thinking caps…ON!
Good luck!

My little peach. | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Hi friends!

My little finnie peach. I couldn’t have thought of a more appropriate theme for this sweet little one. She is just darling. warm. sweet. a little fuzzy around the edges. 😉

As a mom of four, I will admit that despite being a photographer as my second life, the hardest thing is making sure I make time to photo my own babies. Though I am so thankful that I get to capture so many family’s milestones, I have to make extra sure I make time to stop and capture my own family’s. which though it may sound easy enough for a person who walks around with a camera as their third arm. it definitely is something I have to be very intentional about doing. 

I know that everyone has their own way of capturing their children’s milestones. it may not always be in the picture sense, but would love to hear the unique ways that those of you are preserving those sweet fleeting moments for yourself. a line a day book? instagram? perhaps a special calendar dedicated to your child? with so many unique ways, i would love to be inspired by you.

with that, i would love to make sure i share how much I am so in love with this little lady. She is a very unique blessing to my family being number four, of four girls. So, it was certainly a treat to get to spend some alone time with just her. getting to share with her something I love doing and capturing all her sweet expressions. that tomorrow, may be completely different as she grows everyday. incase you are reading this, finnie, when you are 25. you will always be my sweet baby peach. my everyday reminder of God’s unfailing love and grace.

happy weekend everyone!



Presley is TWO! | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Hi Friends!!

Oh man how I adore these two ladies! Ashley and I can be together and no topic is off limits which I am so thankful for of my really good friends. We could literally sit and chat for hours… I cherish that. I was counting it up and in the last two years I’ve photographed them six times I think. I just love them. I really do. And I love that they trust me with their families milestones and just life in general. They are such good people and as their photographer friend it was amazing to be able to drive over to their home, swoop them up, and take them to a spot that with no prior discussion other than “ash, i think you will like this spot” and without hesitation “sounds good alea, whatever you think!”. It was a gorgeous afternoon amongst a little secret spot of wildflowers and just a great way to celebrate Presley turning TWO! It was such a treat to get to photo just this little lady, all her adorable facial expressions just brighten my day. 

Much joy!


happy birthday loa!

Hi Friends! 

Over the weekend my baby girl turned 8. I was a little stunned when Loa asked me if I would take some “I’m 8 years old now” photos. Mostly because my girls typically run the opposite direction when I bring out the Ol’ cam-er-a. I was so tickled that it was something special to her. 

SO, off we went to find an aqua wall (her choice) and hand full of confetti (my idea) and after some fun wind blowing, laughing so hard, we took some of my favorite images of loa to date. 

This is my beautiful eight year old. my heart.

She never meets a stranger. So curious about life. always smiling. Loves Jesus. would play outside from the moment the sun comes up to the sun goes down. will hold my hand in public. dreams big. is sweeter than sugar. beautiful. laughs at everything. so grateful and kind. she’s my darling girl.

happy birthday loa!!! love you so!

happy birthday Elin

Hi Friends! 

We just celebrated Elin’s second birthday this past weekend! We thought it would be fun to host pancakes and pajamas party for her! We had such a blast partying in our PJ’s and serving breakfast to all our friends! I mean who doesn’t love pancakes and maple syrup! I will share photos soon! But, my favorite part of the party was our DIY poster we made for our guests to fill what they thought Elin would be when she grew up. I had seen it on one of my favorite little blogs This Little Street, and had to make one! I loved reading what our guests wrote from being a “skydiving ballerina” to “knowing and loving Jesus” all things I would love for Elin to experience. 😉 Hopefully it will remind her to dream big! 

Much joy!



my funny valentine.

Hi Friends!!

My goal has been to take more photos of my girls. Which coming from a place where everyone always asks me, “I bet you have a million photos of your girls!!” On the one hand its true, on the other hand, when you have so many other families.weddings.ect. that take up so much time, my family photos sometimes get skimped. so, i definitely want to make a point to pick up my camera more around my little ones. and let them be them. 

This is my sweet Adellie Laine. She is my heart. I love her pure joy and open heart to everyone and everything! Everyone says she and I look more alike. Im starting to see it a little. 😉 

A very happy valentines day from my family to yours! 

Much joy!


happy love week!

hi friends!

I know valentines day can come with all of its slightly cliche commercial ways of celebrating the holiday. box of assorted chocolates (wouldn’t mind them) dozen roses (well, who doesn’t like flowers?), pink and red hearts everywhere!! Well I have four girls, so it is inevitable. But how can I not love the spirit of it! I am all about telling all the people I love that I love them. So I thought why not share it in a super cute, yes a little girlie, but definitely conveys the message. Plus I got to take some photos of this cute little munchkin!

Happy love week friends! Know you are loved!!!

Much joy!


my little family

Hi friends!!
My family has started this tradition of recording our tree decorating. It definitely is one of my most favorite traditions and something I will certainly treasure. Especially as my babies grow. Time has a way of passing us by which is why I love and am so grateful for photography. I kind of get to freeze little moments. just for me. just for my family. So that when my babies are grown and I am a grey haired old lady, hugging on my grand babies, i know these will be some of my most precious possessions to pass down to them. 

 Thank you from all my heart for stopping by. I am grateful you are here. and when your ready press play if you would like a little glimpse into my family’s life. its pretty cute. 

 much joy, 


the salt life.

Hi friends!

I recently read a quote by Karen von Blixen-Finecke that said, “The cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears, or the sea.” I absolutely loved this! For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in coastal north carolina, where the ocean was a regular part of my daily life. I can remember mornings drinking a cup of coffee with my grandparents as we watched the pelicans float on the water, or run down our docks to pull up the crab pots to see what we might have caught, or being awe struck by the sunsets that filled the sky and how beautiful they were over the ocean. So, more then just the enjoyment of the beach, it is something that is special to me beyond words. Its restorative to my very core. A place that I feel I can come to and be “cured” from all the heavy that life may bring. All that to say, when my little family has the chance to go the beach its like getting our heart’s bank account filled to the brim. We run, we laugh until we cry, we swim, float, splash til our eyes are red, jump in the waves, dig holes big enough to fit in, rest, and though we are exhausted from all the fun, we wake up the next day restored and ready to do it all again. There is no place quite like it. it is the place where I most feel like me.

So, today I am hoping that there is a place like that for you and your family. A place that no matter what is going on in your life, while you are there you are able to put it ALL aside and rest and enjoy and be reminded that it is all ok. 

Joy friends!


“Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart. Luke 6:45


my morning out

So I have discovered my morning. It’s a wonderful thing that I never really enjoyed before now. Before Gavin I did everything possible to sleep as late as I could. I would bury my face in my pillow and hit the snooze button on my alarm at the very least 4 times. I would sleep until my eyes opened to a dim room with my curtains pulled and the only thing that would help me be a morning person was a shower and a Starbucks. Now, as soon as I hear my little buddy start chatting with himself, I hop right out of bed to see the sweetest smiling face I’ve ever seen!! Gavin is such a morning baby and now it seems I’m a morning person too 🙂 I don’t even think I’ve even set my alarm clock once over these last 4 months. 

One thing we love to do on Saturday morning while Colby is still sleeping, is to explore the Marietta Farmers Market. Most Saturdays we have weddings all day and I miss out on Gavin’s fun filled day so going to the square is something that just the two of us can do together while daddy is catching up on his sleep before I rush off for the day. Today, i put on his crabby but cute onesie just to be funny and we walked around to look at all the fun food and people. We sample as much as possible, especially the fudge 🙂 and we’ve made some friends who know us well. The pimento cheese guy is always so nice and knows how I love his jalapeño pimento cheese. It goes fast so we like to stop there first. The lettuce lady knows I love the bibb and romaine! The bakery girls seem to always talk me into getting 2 ham and cheese pretzels when I should really only eat one. The cheese lady always lets me sample the goat cheese even though she knows I’m going to buy the feta… I could go on and on. And it never fails, I always seem to see someone I know 🙂 Today I ran into Mary. We photographed her and David’s wedding a few years back and today I met their sweet baby boy!! It was a great day 🙂

this is my morning boy!

lets get personal!

hi friends!

well, it is a beautiful chaos around here.  i haven’t picked up my big ol’ fancy camera except for a few times (a couple awesome weddings and one lovely evening in our backyard as your about to see) so in an effort to try and remember this time i have tried to take at least one picture each day with my iPhone, thank you Jesus for instagram!  plus it is just a ton easier than my big nikon seeing that there aren’t enough hands to begin with.  😉  in a nut shell, we are incredibly blessed.  and happy.  and exhausted.  and trying to just figure this whole thing out as we go along. I’m not going to deny for a second that having four is hard. {open to any sweet mamas out there who want to let me know some real advice! cause I’m open to hearing any and all of it.}  in an effort of trying to be real, i really just am hoping for the day to come when i don’t feel guilty at the end of the day from not giving each child or my husband what they really needed from me that day.  and that maybe i let the baby cry too long because i was trying to have a moment with one of the other ones. and walking out the door with spit up on my shirt. and not shower for a day extra then i should. and not calling my friend back. is a smoothie, a granola bar and jelly beans a good dinner?  i know i might have lofty aspirations that i may become supermom and have everyone with an exciting craft, three square meals and i would be able to answer all 400+ emails in my inbox in one uninterrupted sitting, but the truth is that i consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to smile at the end of it.  and my prayer is that my girls see me as an imperfect person relying on a perfect God to help walk us through it. and remind myself it is the simple things that are the blessings and accomplishments. and feel grateful when i am able to walk my oldest to school that morning. laughing, lots and lots of laughing. having a dance party in our living room. being able to all sit down together at the dinner table despite whats on it. having my newest lock eyes on mine as if she knows that i, yes me, am her mom and she knows without a question that i love her. saying bedtime prayers with my girls and hearing what has impacted their day. getting snuggle time and eskimo kisses. and 

being able to hold my husband’s hand for longer than a minute. these are the simple things. these are the moments that are my joy. 🙂 thanks for letting me be a little personal! 

so, that is what we’ve been up to!

Joy friends!!


my sweet family…

Hi friends!!

I hope all of you know how grateful I am for all the wonderful well wishes on our sweet new addition. I really feel like I have such a huge family because of all of you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!! We have been adjusting well to becoming a family of 6, a little tired, but doing great! I am excited to share our recent adventures with you, and to start I was hoping you would humor me in sharing some of my sweet family moments before baby!

I was torn with whether to do any maternity photos this time, mostly because there was just a lot on our plates to add one more thing, and well, it was so hot and I was so huge. But, with a last minute decision, we headed down to Rutledge, GA to get a mini shoot in a gorgeous sunflower field which has been a dream shoot of mine for a long time! These are some of my favorite photos that I own, I am a little obsessed with them, and trying not to cover my house with them. So, thank you to kimmy for capturing some ahamazing family photos, and some of my sweet baby belly. And a big thank you to my wonderful husband for keeping our kids happy by running and playing with them despite the July heat, so that I can have these precious sunny moments of our family! 

Thanks for taking a sneak peek into my family life, and maybe next year I will be able to convince some of you to join us to the sunflower fields!!



my baby girl is one.

Hi Friends!!

It is really hard to believe how fast an entire year goes by. How much can change in a year. When you think of it from the first year of a child, it truly is amazing. From the entering of a world, to the first time the hold your finger, to their first smile, to their first laugh, from rolling over, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing. Their amazing little personality and getting the first glimpse of who this little person is going to be. From the sweet little baby soft hair, to a full head of curly blonde hair. Wondering what color eyes they will have, to seeing these bright blue eyes that captivate your soul. To the very hilariously funny things they do, to watching them figure out how to open, close, lift, push, to being absolutely determined to accomplish their goal! This once very itty bitty squishy little person is now a beautiful, smart, loving little person. All in the course of a year. 

My sweet little Elin Mims, my heart is captivated by you, your sweet smile. What a very special day your first birthday is to me. I held you first, and I will never forget you looking straight into my eyes as if knowing this is exactly where you belonged. And even now, when you put your head on my shoulders and snuggle in my arms, I am honored that God allowed me to have you. Happy happy birthday my sweet little one. My birthday wish is that you always know how much you are loved by your family, by all our wonderful friends, and most importantly by God. And by knowing that, you feel you can conquer anything. 

love, love, love you. happy first birthday, 


elin 1b.jpg

elin 1.jpg

love your captivating smile. 

my fam!

Hi friends!!

So this past saturday was my first weekend off in three months, so i was so excited to have some wonderful family time. We drank hot cocoa, decorated the house, took long naps, and spent some time with wonderful friends! It was absolutely awesome!! 

We also had a fun time putting up our Christmas tree, and made a very fun little clip of my family and our tree decorating tradition!! Hope yit makes you smile!!
Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

much joy!


adellie is TWO!

Hi Friends!!

It really is amazing how fast time flies. I can’t believe that two years ago, I had this precious little girl join our family. And over the two years, i am in awe of how much she has grown into a little lady. My heart almost hurts when I look through photos as I remember such special moments in her life. I wish I could stop time sometimes. Freeze moments. I guess it is a mom thing. I just love her sweet face, silly giggles, and how much she loves to give me hugs. 

My baby is two. 

Adellie, Im not sure if this blog will even be around when you are old enough to really appreciate it. But, I can’t help but share with you how much I love you, and tell you what a special piece of my heart you own. I am so proud of you, and so honored to be your mommy. I love adellie laine, happy birthday. 

thank you friends for letting me share my sweet girl with you. here are a few of my favorite photos from the past couple years…. 

Love and joy,


Beaching it!!

Hi friends!!
Kim and I are coming home from a fabulous wedding in Athens! It was an awesome party and we left on a music and good wedding cake high! We can’t wait to share the photographs! Until then, here is a little post from my last weekend visit to savannah with the fam! Flying a kite, playing in the sand, trying to catch thr waves! We had a blast at Tybee! It was Elin’s first trip to the beach, so a very special moment for all of us!!
Hope you likey!